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The Criminal Records

This is where you don't have to pay a fee to search the database. The Prisoner Criminal Records database is free for everyone to access. No credit card details required!

Listed below are the known criminal histories of the prisoners, along with their sentences.

Name Convictions and time served:


(age unknown)

Charge: Murder (killed her 5-year-old child).

Sentence: Never reached the conviction/sentencing stage, because she herself was murdered inside while on remand (52) by Martha Eaves.

BAXTER, Georgina Anne

Age: 19

Assault causing grievous bodily harm

Sentence: 6 months (was paroled after only about 10 episodes)

BAXTER, Jean Nancy

Age: 38


Sentence: 7 days

BIRDSWORTH, Elizabeth Josephine

Age: around 72


  • Murder by poisoning (acquitted in 86 after serving 20 years).
  • Also was wrongly convicted of the manslaughter of Kay White (the real killer was Linda Jones).
  • Escape lawful custody (the tunnel escape in 165 where she was trapped with Bee and Doreen)
  • Escape lawful custody (walked out of the prison gate for the day in Episodes 187–188).
  • Accessory to the murder of Nola McKenzie in Episode 369

Sentence: Already served 20 years before she was acquitted of poisoning the shearers (85) but served further time for the escapes.

BROOKS, Janette Mary ("Mum")

Age: Unknown

Crime: Unlawfully killing her husband. She ended his life (euthanasia?) because he was suffering from cancer. Sentence: 20 years. Released on parole in Episode 2.

Further offences:

  • Shoplifting (3 years) [Episode 6]
  • Harbouring an escaped criminal (acquitted because Bee told the court she coerced "Mum" into harbouring her)

BRYANT, Judith Frances

Age: Unknown (probably in her 40s?)

Crimes: Drug smuggling (done on purpose so she could be inside with Sharon Gilmore). Now also has been convicted on 2 counts of escape lawful custody (one being the time when she knocked out a policewoman while in hospital to steal her police uniform (130), and the other being the tunnel escape (165)). Helped Hazel Kent to die with dignity when she was suffering from a brain tumour (399).

Sentences: One year on the drug smuggling charge. 5 years for escape lawful custody and impersonate a police officer. Either got 10 years or life for unlawfully causing the death of Hazel Kent. Released for good in Episode 534.

BURKE, Leanne

Age: 16
Crime: Accessory to a robbery (committed by a boyfriend (50)). Sentence: Unknown

BURKE, Nolene

Age: unknown
Has an extensive criminal history. Stealing and malicious damage probably being among the many offences. Sentence: 6 months (for the latest crime, being stealing money while working as a tea-lady (121)).


Age: 23 (1980)
Crimes: Living off immoral earnings (prostitution), forgery, theft, escape lawful custody, kidnapping (of Elizabeth Latham) Sentence: 2 years


Age (1984): 40

Crimes: Murder (killed her husband after an argument because he has been living with another woman).

Sentence: 8 years (Desmond was killed by Ruth Ballenger one year into the sentence (552))

Other information: Member of the Prison Reform Group.

DOYLE, Fredia Joan (aka. "Franky")

Date of birth: April 17, 1948

Crimes: Armed robbery and murder.

Sentence: Life (escaped in Episode 12 and was shot dead by police in Episode 20)


Age: About 20

Crimes: Theft, fraud (stole money from her place of work, to send her sick mother on a cruise)

Sentence: Unknown (transferred to Wentworth from Barnhurst in 537 after the fire)


Age: unknown

Crimes: Murder (killed 3 hitch-hikers)

Sentence: 20 years

GAFFNEY, Margo(t) Jane

Date of birth: 22/12/57

Crimes: Soliciting, theft, fraud, armed robbery, and dangerous driving causing death

Sentence: 10 years, with a minimum of 8 years


Age: unknown

Crime: Drug-trafficking

Sentence: 2 years

GRIFFIN, Anne Margaret

Age: unknown

Crime: Armed robbery and theft

Sentence: unknown (was put in a mental home in 167 before she was sentenced)

LATHAM, Chrissie

Age: unknown

Crimes: Prostitution. Murder (it seems she was never even charged with Bill Jackson's murder). Centrelink fraud (286).

Sentence: One year?, with a 5-year non-parole period, for the prostitution.


Age: unknown

Crimes: ABH (aggravated bodily harm?), for bashing up her busband for cornering her into a small space (she was claustrophobic). Assisting an escapee

Sentence: 6 months or 1 year (had one day left of a 5-week to serve when she was killed).

MASON, Pixie

Age: Unknown

Crimes: Pentagamy (Was married to 5 men at one time!)

Sentence: Original sentence was probably 5 years. Transferred to a mental institution because she lost her mind as a result of an incident in the prison in Episode 510.

MORRIS, Margaret (Meg)

Age: Unknown
Crimes: Contempt of court Sentence: 72 hours imprisonment. Was allowed to resume her job as prison officer because her offence of refusing to testify against one of the women didn't fall under criminal law.

MAXWELL, Katherine Lorraine

Age: 38?

Crimes: Unlawfully killing her daughter, Linda, who was terminally ill. Since being put inside, she has been twice been done for escape lawful custody.

Sentence: Life


Age: unknown
  • Crimes: Murder (2 counts). She also murdered a prison warder in Western Australia, and killed Paddy Lawson.
  • Sentence: Life.

MORRIS, Tracy Ann

Age: 19?
  • Crime: Drug smuggling (was set up, thought she was carrying gold).
  • Sentence: 2 years. Was transferred to Barnhurst because of her father's involvement with Meg.

NOLAN, Jacqueline Mary

Age: Unknown
  • Crimes: Is believed to be originally convicted of being an accessory to armed robbery, for that being sentenced to Barnhurst. Was convicted of escaping lawful custody and deceit (using a false name, "Sarah Forrest").
  • Sentence: 2 years. Was pardoned because of her impressive interior decorating business she set up while on the run

PETERSON, Katherine Elaine

Age: 36?
  • Crimes: Convicted of poisoning her lover. Claimed it was 'self defence' because he threatened to kill her child, but the real motive was later revealed: he had found out about a fraud scam she was involved in and was going to 'expose' her. Kate was later tried for this charge of fraud, as well as charges of drug smuggling and attempting to pervert the course of justice. She was never tried (by a court at least!) for the later murder of Sandy Edwards, although everyone knew she was as guilty as sin!
  • Sentence: Originally 15 yrs, but significantly more after the later charges.

SELBY, Sr Anne

Age: Unknown
  • Crimes: Inciting a riot
  • Sentence: Held on remand. Was not sentenced because her mother paid a fine.

SMART, Helen Pamela

Age: unknown
  • Crimes: Prostitution
  • Sentence: 10 days. Probably in and out of prison all the time.

SMITH, Beatrice Alice

Date of birth: February 8, 1938[1]

Crime: Murder, by strangulation, of her husband's lover. Was released after serving 10 years, to the start of the series. Was convicted of murder a second time after shooting her husband (2). (Did Bee get charged with killing Nola McKenzie (368) and get transferred before she was convicted on the charges??)

Sentence: 10 years for the first murder, Life for the second. God knows what she got for the third.

Smith is well-recorded, both outside and inside. She also has a record for the escapes and attempted escapes, which reads as follows:

  • Escape lawful custody (30). Beatrice Alice Smith is convicted that, whilst in hospital as a result of being stabbed by the prisoner Anne Yates, she did walk out of the hospital ward, and was recaptured in Episode 36 whilst staying at the residence of an old cellmate Val.
  • Escape lawful custody (165). Beatrice Alice Smith is convicted that she escaped or tried to escape, by going down a tunnel with cellmates Elizabeth Birdsworth and Doreen Burns.
    Bee was given a chance of parole but was turned down in Episode 324 with the next review in another 6 months.
  • Arson and murder (the charges that she lit the fire causing the deaths of Heather Trapp and Barbra fields, were dropped). Assaulting officer Joan Ferguson (326).
  • Escape lawful custody (352). Beatrice Alice Smith is convicted that, at the end of Episode 352, she did walk out of the prison while disguised as Officer Joan Ferguson. She was recaptured in Sydney at the end of Episode 360. This charge puts her future chances of parole pretty much out of the question now.
  • Murder (368). Beatrice Alice Smith is convicted that, at the end of Episode 368, she did intentionally and unlawfully kill fellow inmate Nola McKenzie, by shooting her with a zipgun assembled within the prison.

TRAPP, Heather ("Mouse")

Age: 19? (at time of death in fire)
  • Crime: Housebreaking, theft, and prostitution
  • Sentence: unknown


Age: unknown
  • Crime: Manslaughter (reduced from murder)
  • Sentence: (Was life) 2 years. Was released early (56) because of extenuating circumstances relating to the fact her husband was abusive.

WARNER, Lynette Jane

Age: unknown
  • Crime: Kidnapping (found not guilty, and so was acquitted). Accessory to armed robbery (1 year?)
  • Sentence: 10 years (for the kidnapping) but released upon acquittal (8). Released in Episode 43 after serving her sentence for driving the getaway car for her boyfriend's robbery of a factory.

WARREN, Marlene

Age: Unknown
  • Crimes: Manslaughter, for throwing stones at cars, indirectly causing one driver to be killed.
  • Sentence: 3 years


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