Damage report on Episode 471

Episode 471 is the third episode on Disc 2 of Volume 30 of the full release, and a copy can also be found as one of 4 episodes in the "Great Escapes" volume of the second 3-disc "Best Of" boxset. Both versions have 3 parts missing, but the same episodes were released in the United States, with the missing scenes included but gateslams edited out.

The gateslams in the full release (on Disc 2 of Vol. 30) are shorter than in the 'Best Of' release that also had the Edna Pearson storyline censored, and is missing totally from Disc 2 of Vol 30 as is the case with all other episodes from 391. Despite the differences with the lengths of the gateslams, the amount of footage missing on each of the 3 occasions that this episode was cut, exactly matches (to the frame) the amount missing in the second release of this episode, which seems to suggest that there is a separate duplicate of the original master tape to the one used in the US version, the duplicate was already cut, and that same one was digitised over again. The other duplicate, which was uncut, was used in the US release of Episode 471.

MISSING PART 1: What about the poisoning? (cut from 6:15)

Text shown in red shows what is missing

After the boy, stuck in the drain, says he can't get his foot out, we go to the recreation room where Myra and Bobbie are playing pool:

Myra DESMOND: My God....no wonder Reb went off her face at Winter. That's pretty heavy news to keep bottled up
Marlene WARREN: That's what I reckon
Bobbie MITCHELL: I don't—I reckon she hated her dad's guts, wanted to see him dead.
Dot: Codswallop! He's still her father! I had good cause to hate my mother. 25 years I nursed her. Just the same old before she passed over
Bobbie: Passed over what Dot?
Judy BRYANT: Oh give it a rest Bobbie
Dot: I'm sure Rebecca's father really loved her, not that that's much consolation now.
Judy: You of all people should be grateful to Reb
Bobbie: Why?
Myra: Because there's no way they're going to press the attempted murder charge now
Marlene: (giggly) Yeah that's right, the VJ would be just wasting his time, what a hoot!
Bobbie: Aren't you forgettin' something, what about the poisoning?
Myra: Oh come on, they'd be silly to try that on, they've got no evidence to prove that it was you
Bobbie: Yeah but there was none to prove that it was Edna neither

Judy: So it's a standoff. They've got nothing concrete, they're not going to end up with egg all over their faces
Bobbie: Geez! Maybe it will work out after all.....hangon, what about the Yorkshire ????[Cruikshank] I did stab him y'know
Marlene: Yeah but you didn't hurt him real bad, and because he's a Pom, he's cold-blooded because of the climate, and they don't hurt as much as ordinary people
Judy: Oh God rabbit sometimes you need a garbage bag for your mouth. (to Bobbie) Don't worry about it, I think it's going to be alright, Mr Cruikshank's a nice guy he'll probably put in a good word for you
Bobbie: Geez I hope so.....y'know maybe I did owe Reb for lagging
Dot: She sure got you off the hook, no mistake
Myra: That's right. Who's going to get her off the hook with Winter?
Marlene: Struth, I wouldn't be in her shoes for quids.

Back to the flooding drain, a rescuer comes out reporting to the Freak that the boy is stuck in a reinforcing grid, as you can hear him screaming in the background......

Watch this clip, which shows the cut and uncut version of this scene.

MISSING PART 2: The peppermint (cut from 9:21)

STORMWATER DRAIN: Firefighters/rescuers discussing how to get the boy out of the flooded drain.

MARLENE'S CELL: Stewing over the VJ hearing tomorrow

Bobbie: And if I make it past the VJ I reckon I'm a dead set for the parole board. That's in a few weeks I could be out of here in no time!
Marlene: Gee I'm real pleased for you Bob. You deserve a break.
Bobbie: D'you reckon they'll believe it was Edna and not me that tried to poison you?
Marlene: I'm sure they will, I'll lay it on real thick. Besides it wasn't just the once she tried to get me. Remember those stomach cramps I had? after her peppermint tea. I'll tell'em everything, no worries.

Bobbie: Are you alright?
Marlene: Yeah how do you mean?
Bobbie: Come on, we're mates, I know by now when you're feeling down.
Marlene: I'm gonna miss you Bob.....

Watch this clip, which shows the cut and uncut version of this scene.

MISSING PART 3: The VJ's hearing (cut point 28:53)

Mr Cruikshank takes Bobbie to the Governor's office where she faces the VJ. Mr Cruikshank tells her he put in a good word for her.

Dennis: Mitchell Governor.
Ann: Thankyou Mr Cruikshank
Ann: Bobbie, this is Visiting Justice Higgins
Bobbie: Hello
Ann: Sit down Mitchell. You'll be pleased to know the poisoning charge against you has been dropped
Bobbie (excited): Thanks Mrs Reynolds. I was really worried about that y'know [giggle], with me parole coming up and everything

Justice HIGGINS: You're hardly out of the woods yet. There's still the matter of assaulting an officer, and causing bodily harm.
Bobbie: That. That was nothing Miss it was just a scratch [giggling] Mr Cruikshank will tell you
Higgins: Do you find something funny about assaulting an officer
Bobbie: No Miss

Higgins: I should hope not. I looked at your record Mitchell. 2 escapes, an accusation of rape against an officer—
Bobbie: Oh yeah but that was—
Higgins: Don't interrupt when I'm talking. A hundred misdemeanors all point to you being a born troublemaker. I should see you have very little to laugh about.

Watch this clip, which shows the cut and uncut version of this scene.

As you can see, this additional cut leaves out what Bobbie was laughing about to make Justice Higgins say she has "very little to laugh about".

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